Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Change? Same ol'' Deceitful Crap; Different Faces.

by jwright
It’s interesting how many times during the past eight years that we heard the words, “Bush lied!’ When the dust settled and we examined his words, they weren’t exactly lies at all, just wishful thinking by those engaged in what later became known as "Bush Derangement Syndrome."
Now we have a shiny new administration in Washington, one whose major premise whilst campaigning was that “Change” was on the horizon,; a new era of political ethics was coming our way. Huh?

First, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson withdrew his name for Commerce Secretary because of some shady “pay-for-play” dealings that are still under investigation. Then we are presented with a questionable nominee for Attorney General, who had he been a Republican would have been sent packing, instead he was confirmed by the Democrats in the Senate..

Following that, Timothy Geithner, who previously failed to pay the IRS all its due ($25,970.00) now heads up the Treasury Department wwhich also overseesg the IRS. Hey! The guy is sharp, and in our current state of national economic crisis; the "best" man for the job! (End sarcasm)

This was followed by former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle who didn’t pay more than $140,000 in taxes or even bother to report it; he’ll possibly be out next HUD Secretary. His excuse? “I forgot.” Good grief, could you or I get away with a simple “I forgot?” Yet today, Obama’s pick for Performance post, Czarina Nancy Killefer, withdrew her name over a potential income tax problem. (Within hours after I wrote this post, Tom Daschle withdrew his name from contention.) Bully!

“Is this really the message he (Obama) wants to convey (snip), a message that it’s O.K. to break or skirt the law just as long as you’re a good guy with a special skill?” asked Andy Ostroy, a blogger writing on the liberal Huffington Web site.

During the campaign, Candidate Obama said he would not allow former lobbyists in his administration: already he has named at least three, possibly a fourth. His excuse: there are hundreds of posts to be filled and hiring three that are previous lobbyists is not a problem. It is to me President Obama, IF you say you aren't going to hire the first one and then proceed to break your word.

Worse, Candidate Obama pledged to ban earmarks from future Congressional bills (AKA “bringin’ home the bacon!” ) yet he doesn’t seem concerned with this massive taxpayer funded “$817 billion (non)-Stimulus” bill being considered in the Senate. (Reportedly, it's getting bigger... worse in other words,)

Change? Same ol’ deceitful crap; different faces. That's the way it appears from my living room.


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