Monday, October 19, 2009

So Much For Transparency..."

j. wright - 10/19/2009
On August 21, 2008, Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama said in a televised campaign stop that as president, when it came down to deciding on health care reform that it would be done out in the open with Democrats, Republicans, Independents, doctors, hospital and insurance company reps all gathered around a big table and televised on C-Span for the entire country to see. Transparency.
Apparently Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, Democrat Senators Max Baucus of Montana and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel didn’t see that speech. Either that or Barack Obama’s words mean nothing.
Those individuals, sans any Republicans, Independents, doctors, nurses, insurance execs etc. are meeting behind closed doors, not on C-Span, to decide what 1/6 of the nation’s total economy and 300,000,000 Americans health provider system will look like for generations to come. I’d be fearful of buying a used car from them let alone trust them to destroy our current health care system and replace it with one that looks like it will offer less to more, cost trillions we don’t have and still leave millions of Americans uninsured. This power grab is called progress? Only in Washington, D.C.
What ever happened to the “transparency” we heard so much about during the campaign? So far it seems to be missing in the Obama Administration; the administration that was purportedly based on “Change, change you can believe in.” So much for words, which candidate Obama said many times, have meaning. Really?
When the politicians listed above finish their work, their product will then be revised again in a Joint Conference Committee; mostly Democrats behind closed doors before being voted on by both Houses. No televised hearings, definitely no “transparency.” Duped again

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did you see the Daily Show the other day showing them all singing happy birthday?

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