Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Discussion on the Henrietta Hughes Poverty Hoax

by jwright

My friend Tom Jobson wrote in today's Cadillac News chiding me and asking in essence if the source (theliepolitic.com) I posted for the Henrietta Hughes poverty hoax was verifiable.
Henrietta you may remember was the elderly black woman, allegedly poor and unemployed, who was sitting front center at a Fort Myers Florida town hall meeting that hosted President Obama. Henrietta gave a sterling performance in front of our president and live TV cameras as she pleaded for her own home so she could have a kitchen and a bathroom because she and her son were living in a pick-up truck.
Front row center was also where several supporters of Candidate Obama were seated at various campaign stops where they either fainted or swooned during his recitations from the teleprompters and were "rescued" by the alert candidate who just happened to have some bottled water handy enough to toss it down to them. All coincidences happening in real life, of that I'm certain.

But I digress. Moving along, I’d invite Tom Jobson to visit theliepolitic.com or any Internet search engine and read what they have to say beyond what I previously wrote and posted here on blogspot. Apparently Henrietta was or has been a successful real estate investor who became “homeless” when she quit claimed her property over to her son Corey. That information was also picked up by redcounty.com, another Internet web source in an article written by Rus Thompson on February 23 stating: “Just as I and so many others suspected, this poor woman was a plant. Either that or she is the dumbest real estate investor on the planet, but at the same time she blew all that cash? Shifted it all into her poor sons name.”

Thompson’s article furnishes recent property transactions of Henrietta. According to Lee County, Florida property records she signed a quit claim deed in 2006, giving total ownership of a $124,000 valued residential property to her son Corey Lamont. Redcounty Journalist Rus Thompson went on to say, “I would guess this is because the value of the property would affect SSDI benefits along with Medicare/Medicaid.”

Further research of property records found that Henrietta Hughes owned as many as three homes in recent years. Was she a plant; a shill? Was I being disengenious as my friend Tom suggested? Decide for yourself.

Henrietta Hughes was the story the Obama staffers wanted out in the public eye in order to push more social engineering legislation. The Mainstream Media bought Henrietta hook, line and sinker, UNTIL the truth came out. Then she became a non-story. How typical of the MSM and their intense task of carrying this administration's water. My post took on the media for being complicit in deceit.



Rus Thompson, Redcounty.com source: http://redcounty.com/sarasota/2009/02/obamas-homeless-fort-myers-wom

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