Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Why I No Longer Support the War" (Guest Opinion)

A GUEST ARTICLE by Jocelyn Blease
(Jocelyn is an Internet friend of mine going back several years. She resides in New England and loves it!
In this article she speaks from her heart in a clear, articulate manner. No teleprompters were required.)
Over the course of the last 60 plus days, we have been treated to quite a show out of Washington, D.C. and none of it pretty and encouraging but most of it enlightening. We have buffoons and their jesters in charge of our government and try as the people might, these same buffoons and jesters have blinders on and no longer see the outrage of the American people.

That they salivate and slip on their own detritus clamoring to squeeze the very last breath out of common sense and common decency is becoming more than just a side show, it is the main event. That's too bad for the people, it's too bad for our form of government and it's too bad for the Nation as a whole.

Oh, yes, we've heard, false as it is, about how the poor the vast unwashed poor have suffered over the centuries of our Nation's existence and it's time to right the wrongs and set the records straight taking the ill gotten gains of hard working Americans who succeed and produce and give those rewards to the vast unwashed poor who have suffered over the centuries of our Nation's existence. That the exercise would be laudable if the circumstances were true is just a side show.

So, what we are treated to of late is the disassembling of not only the character of who we are as a Nation but the very fiber of what we as a Nation are made of, what we believe and how we get to where we want to go as a person, as a people and as a Nation.

The success of our Nation and the producers and the earners who create that success is being called into question world wide. That we have become a Nation of ideologues with no direction to succeed but to destroy is very clear to even the most blinded in our country and especially world wide. Because our success as a Nation is being called into question, we are about to lose our status as a solid investment for the future, our dollar which once was the currency the world used as a basis for valuing commodities world wide is being called into question and could very well change. Our banks are ridiculed and demoralized and 'scapegoated'.

And who suffers? The people and that includes the fake poor, the vast unwashed poor who have suffered over the centuries of our Nation's existence, that this government intends to raise up, not because they have earned the merit to be raised up by their own hard work and tenacity but on the backs of earners and producers. Unfortunately for this government those earners and producers aren't earning and producing.

What I've just rendered is the template for the insanity coming out of Washington, D.C. and this government. Now, lets expand on that insanity for just a bit.

So far, we've been talking about rights and monetary inconsistencies and a philosophy permeating Washington that is bogus, ridiculous and useful only in expanding government and nothing more. But underneath it all and hidden far away from sight is a War on Terror that we have been engaged in and the name of which we shall not be permitted to mention ever again.

That which we shall not be permitted to mention ever again involves the lives of our sons and daughters and fathers and mothers who answer the call of a Nation to serve.

If this government is so cavalier in its handling of the future of our children not born yet by saddling them with a debt they could never pay within their lifetimes, we should not expect an attitude and ideological mindset that is different for our children and our husbands and wives living and currently serving in our Military.

We no longer refer to the War on Terror as a war but some "Man made gibberish" according to the dictates of Napolitano, the Homeland Security Czar. We no longer refer to the enemy we are fighting as enemy combatants. We no longer have a clear and defining mission in Afghanistan but we are accelerating troop deployment. We are told that the same philosophy and tactics used in Iraq to win that war will be used in Afghanistan without taking into account that we are talking about two different types of countries, governments and people.

We are releasing prisoners from Guantanamo and relocating them to the United States and providing them shelter instead of repatriating them back to where they came from before they took up arms against our Military and against this Nation.

In less than three months in office, Obama has not become Jimmy Carter by using the same economic thinking he used. He has reached back even further to Lyndon B. Johnson and his template for redistributing wealth by tweaking the "Great Society" and "War on Poverty." Most importantly, however, Obama has reached back to Johnson's escalation of troops in Viet Nam with no mission philosophy behind them except the title of "advisor." Obama has Viet Namized the unnamed and unmentionable War on Terror. We are not going back to pre 9/10/1. We are going all the way back to 1965.

Therefore, I can no longer support the unnamed. That I will continue to support the men and women assigned to the nebulous task of advisor and training in Afghanistan during an unnamed exercise is without question. But I aggressively support their return home immediately.

The blood, sweat, tears and the very lives of our sons and daughters and husbands and wives are far too valuable for this government to squander as if they are nothing more than the pieces of silver already being thrown away.


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