Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama and "distribution of the wealth."

by jwright

So Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama wants to “redistribute the wealth.” At least that's what he let slip last week while chatting with Joe Wurzelbacher, the plumber. Unfortunately the live TV cameras recorded his very words. How very arrogant of him; how very Socialist of him… and all of my life I thought we lived in a Free Enterprise society, where you were taxed fairly on what you earned and were encouraged to prosper and attain the American Dream.

Apparently Obama has a different slant on what constitutes the American Dream. Can it be that the encroaching liberal “entitlement attitude” has jaded his thinking? That no one should enjoy an abundance of success, which in most cases means accumulating wealth? That in the best class warfare scenario its “unfair” to succeed while others have not?

This could be the biggest gaffe in Obama’s short political career. It’s my opinion that most Americans would not favor any socialist plan to “redistribute their wealth.” Especially at the expense of being taxed at a greater rate. Believe what you will, at some point the existing Bush tax cuts will expire soon and guess what? The Harry Reid-Nancy Pelosi led Democrats in Washington, D.C. are perfectly willing to let them expire allowing the tax rates to return to the higher levels of the Clinton years. Yet, they refuse to call that a tax increase. What would you call it? Change?

If you as voters are willing to elect an individual whose philosophy is to take from the rich and give to the poor as Obama’s proposing in his so-called middle class tax cut plan where of the 95% whose taxes will be lowered includes 30-40% who do NOT pay any tax at all , will receive a “welfare” check labeled a "tax credit" from Uncle Sam (taxpayer’s dollars) then he’s your man.

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