Thursday, October 16, 2008

Really, who is he?

by jwright

(I apologize for the long absence. Last weekend my PC contracted a host of virus's and we just got it up-and-running today. Be careful what you open, boys and girls!)

One positive thing that John McCain can claim, regardless of the out come of the upcoming election; he exonerated former Senator Robert Dole who previously ran the most inept campaign in Republican Party history.

John “Maverick” McCain is not one of my favorites as I posted here months ago, but at least he is a known quantity as opposed to his Democrat opponent, Senator Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is a “new kid on the block” politically, finishing his fourth year in the U.S. Senate where he spent less than 150 actual days on the job, the balance of the time running for our highest office. Before that, he was an Illinois State Senator. Cool, calm and collected, he reads well from a teleprompter in front of large audiences. As one critic remarked, in that capacity he does as good a job as the average television news anchor. And with this vast accumulation of qualifications, he could become our next president?

His accomplishments are few, his record is sparse. He did author two autobiographies, apparently to get it right as to who he is. But, who is he? To many of us he’s a total unknown quantity, but with the incredible capability to attract huge amounts of campaign cash in small quantities, some from questionable Internet subscribers with no vowels in their names or addresses.

To many of his followers and supporters he is akin to being Messianic, one who at the campaign’s beginning advocated ‘Change,’ but nearing the end he comes off as just another liberal tax and spend politician; ask “Joe the Plumber.” A young politician with questionable past associates, who if connected to John McCain would have driven him from the race early on.

Obviously, the power of the biased media is in full bloom today; it successfully handpicked McCain, the weakest of the Republican field, and they certainly picked Barack Obama. Trick ‘em, vote for McCain.

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