Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why the Silence Concerning the Palin Effigy?

by jwright

Many times words left unspoken convey more meaning than an ear-splitting shout. That appears to be the case with the Obama Campaign’s lack of response regarding the Sarah Palin effigy hanging by a noose from the gable of a West Hollywood CA residence. Quoting FOX NEWS.com, “The owner of a home that has a mannequin dressed like the Republican vice presidential candidate and hanging by a rope says it's just a "scary" Halloween decoration.”

Yes, and right above it mounted atop a wide chimney is a likeness of Senator John McCain, Republican presidential hopeful, shrouded in flames. More Halloween fun I presume?

What concerns me is the utter silence emanating from the Obama camp, especially with the likeness of Governor Sarah Palin hanging by a rope. Politics being what it is today, what would the media’s response be if a likeness of Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama were seen hanging from a rope? I’m guessing there would be near riots in the streets accompanied by the hue and cry of racism along with a demand for John McCain to immediately repudiate the act. To date, no such outcry has been heard from the media demanding Obama repudiate the sexist Palin effigy. Is this the behavior we should expect during the next four years if Obama is elected president?

The national media has obviouly been soft on the Obama Campaign from the beginning, so much so as to be labeled “in their pocket.” Wonderful. When the honest media rufflles the feathers of the Obama camp, they are immediately chastised, placed in an unfavorable category and not allowed to contact or interview them further, as is the case in Orlando Florida now where in an interview, a local TV station’s reporter asked several uncomfortable questions of Joe Biden. Must we now condone selective free speech?

Following WW II and during the Cold War, the former USSR had it's Tass and Pravda, their "official" news sources. What name will our biased media pick for themselves later in time?

(Source: http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/10/27/effigy-palin-hanging-noose-halloween-fun-says-owner/ )

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